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2003, Ask Vance, Book Two

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2003, Ask Vance, Book Two

Memphis magazine's master of history and mystery - as he likes to call himself - has returned with a second book.

Vance's first book included more than 50 columns that originally ran between 1995 and 2003.  This volume picks up where that one left off, with 60 double-page columns published between 2003 and the present day.  Fully illustrated and indexed, Ask Vance: Book Two explores such compelling curiosities as:

- The "Monster of Ceremonies" who became the most famous person in Memphis after Elvis.
- The mysterious crystal shrine tucked into a hillside in an East Memphis cemetery.
- The eccentric "monkey man" who terrified motorists in Midtown.
- The government's bizarre plan to protect citizens from atomic bomb attacks.
- The lawyer who adorned his Poplar Avenue restaurant with a 14-foot version of his own head.
- The humble Summer Avenue trailer park that played a role in one of the greatest novels in American literature.
- The medical miracle that took place at John Gaston Hospital.
... and much, much more!

DIGITAL EDITION:  Ask Vance: Book Two (Kindle Edition) is available digitally on  Ask Vance:  Book Two (NOOK Edition) is available digitally at  Ask Vance:  Book Two (iTunes edition) is available digitally on the iTunes store.

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